That’s the word, Daredevilers, which seems to best describe the future of the Custer and crew. First Joe, last seen swirling into the jaws of the werewhale, and now the Captain, unresponsive and presumed dead…How can things get any worse?

Oh right, Doc just gave the order to ABANDON SHIP!

Could this be the END for the Deep Dive Daredevils? Has the mighty Custer MET its MATCH in the form of a gigantic, raging werewhale? There’s only one-way to find out…Be here NEXT WEEK! This one is for all the marbles, folks, and the next page will determine the FATE of the Daredevils.

Will they “go gentle into that good night” or will they “rage, rage against the dying of the light”? Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow so you don’t miss one of the most PIVOTAL pages yet!

In other news, Dan and I had a great time at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend! We gave away a ton of Daredevils swag, and hopefully turned some new folks onto the comic in the process.

We were also fortunate to steal some valuable time from the likes of Chris Thompson and Ryan Ferrier while at the convention. Chris, better known online as the Pop Culture Hound, sat down with Dan and I for a podcast interview about Deep Dive Daredevils and other ThreeOneFive projects. I’ll make sure and alert you when Chris posts it.

And, Ryan is one of the ThreeOneFive’s best comic buddies. Check out his sensation in-the-making TIGER LAWYER and other stuff here.

Well, as always, if you dig the Daredevils please throw us a vote now and then at Top Webcomics, and make sure to mosey on over to our blog every Sunday for some tasty Bonus Lunch.

Anyways, till next week!