The Daredevils are in deep trouble, folks.

The Captain’s out of commission, which means the boat is too. Joe’s unconscious, submerged, and sure to drown somewhere in the gaping hole where the shuttle bay used to be. That is, unless Cup can get there first, but he’s nowhere in sight…

And, lets not forget…out there…somewhere in the inky black water…a monster is on the loose!

Be here NEXT WEEK for the HUGE conclusion to Chapter 2! It’s all been building to this. Seriously, if you aren’t already a fan of Danilo’s artwork, after next week you’ll find yourself writing stalker-esque, gushing fan letters to the man! Trust me, I do it all the time…RSS, like, or follow to make sure you don’t miss out!

Once again, I’d like to pass on sincere thanks from the entire DDD crew to everyone who spends a little of their valuable time with the Daredevils every week. We love to make this comic, but it wouldn’t mean jack if you guys and gals didn’t show up to check it out.

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Anyways, till next week!