Captain Custer is here…finally!

I’m going to let Danilo’s fantastic illustration of the Captain and the enigmatic captions speak for themselves, but I will say that this is my favorite Daredevils page, so far!

Notice I said, so far…

We’ve got two pages left in Chapter Two, and NO GUFF; we are building to an even bigger climax. So, keep your Internet dials tuned to the Deep Dive Daredevils and hold on tight folks, thar be a bumpy ride ahead! Be here NEXT WEEK, where the enormity of the Daredevils’ predicament becomes painfully clear. RSS it!

OK, on to some housekeeping. As I mentioned, Chapter Two ends in just two weeks, and after that we will take a one-week break before the sense-shattering kick-off of Chapter Three. During the break week we will be showing off an exclusive illustration, and offering a grab bag of other goodies for the first time. It’s kind-of a big deal. You’ll be a sad panda if you miss out.

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One last thing, I would be remiss if I didn’t pass on a commendation from the Captain himself to a very astute reader who pretty much called this page’s reveal two weeks early.

TKG wrote on May 30th: “So is the captain wired into the ship (prior episodes seem to hint this is the case.) literally and thus when it’s damaged he feels it i.e. a feedback loop? Does that also effectively make it an extension of his own body?”

At the time, the information was classified, but now we can all tip our hats and pat TKG on the back. Good show, sir!

Anyways, till next week!