McCarver’s Insidious Weapon…

I gotta say, one of the most satisfying things for me, as a writer, is the way we were able to find our way to Doc’s (hopefully) surprising motivation for coming to Custer’s rescue. He wants Custer to have to answer for the destruction (which we are currently witnessing) that he and the Admiral set into motion. 

Originally,when we were outlining this story, the relationship between Young Doc and Custer was much different. They were like Kirk and Spock, the best of friends; brothers in arms who would do anything for the sake of the other. But, as the story evolved and we really looked at who these characters are and examined the events that brought them together, we realized that vision of their relationship didn’t ring true. To feel authentic, their relationship had to be more antagonistic and complex. That’s what you’re seeing play-out now.

Be here NEXT WEEK as we MARCH ever closer to the most PIVOTAL moment in DDD history.

Till next time!