Eugene, is that you…?

I really love this page. Not just because we have been building to this moment for SO LONG (almost since Doc was turned into a vampire by Dracula in Pitch Black Day), but also because of just how well Danilo pulled off what, otherwise, could have been either a train-wreck or, worse, underwhelming.  

For example, Danilo’ character works on this page is just off the charts. The look on Abby’s face in panel 4 is perfect – a mix of awe and her usual wry demeanor. And, don’t even get me started on NEW DOC (definitely cooler then New Coke, amiright?). I must admit that initially me and the 315 boys toyed with all kinds of ideas for radical redesigns of Doc to illustrate the change now that he has finally accepted his dark side. But, as always, Danilo knew best and rather than changing his clothes or his hair, he simply (and effectively) changed Doc’s attitude and his body language. And, lo and behold, he’s a new man!

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Till next time!