Zut Alors!

The Deep Dive Daredevil’s resident Roguish Lady’s Man is back from the dead…or is he? And, who or what is that BLACK PIRATE beckoning him onto the island? And, hey, what the heck is the deal with this island in the middle of a technicolor ocean underneath a pink sky anyways? Questions, my friends, they do abound…

I do know one thing for sure…Crazyman was dead-on. There is indeed a “Wheel of Pain” reference (from Conan the Barbarian) going on here. Just the name of it implies that things aren’t looking good for our boy, Deveraux.

Speaking of not looking good, be here NEXT WEEK for a page that personifies the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Meaning, for those a little slow on the uptake, that what waits for you in just 7 days is a visual TREAT for the EYES that only a fool would DARE miss!

Till next time!