…Does it get better?

Of course it does, Daredevilers! Following this page, we have TWO more to go before the end of this chapter. That will take us right up to the week of Thanksgiving, if my calculations are correct. From there we are going to take a break for the remainder of the Holiday Season – EXCEPT for Christmas Day itself when a present will be waiting under the tree for all of the good Daredeviler boys and girls. Finally, we will be back to our normal posting schedule on January 8th 2019 with our most AUDACIOUS content yet! The future’s so bright…ah, shucks…you know the rest.

Be here NEXT WEEK for the PENULTIMATE page of the Great Underwater Train Robbery! All seems to be well in hand for our intrepid heroes, except for a bit of artificial intelligence mourning time. Could it really be this SIMPLE? Have the good guys FINALLY won? Find out in seven…

Till next time!