Doc goes RAMBO on the retreating Giga-Reich Troopers, which is pretty much the definition of IRONIC (…paging Alanis Morissette). For those of you with long memories, I’m sure you will remember that at one point Doc stated, and I quote, “I don’t believe in guns.” I think you will all agree that this page constitutes one HELL of a philosophical change for the (formerly) Good Doctor.

Next week we will be posting the FINAL page of Beyond Familiar Shores Phase One – which is a DOOZY, by the way – and following that we will once again be going on….DUN DUN DUN….HIATUS.

Now, I’m sure this will come as disappointing news, but, hey, them’s the breaks, my friends. We’ve brought you over a year of (nearly) uninterrupted pages since the last hiatus, and now it is time to build up our war chest of pages so we can do it all over again in the not too distant future.

And, TRUST ME, what is coming next is worth the wait. Beyond Familiar Shore Phase Two is going to blow your FREAKING socks off! All that you have been speculating about…all the lingering questions…will FINALLY be revealed. Oooooh….it’s gonna be GOOD.

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But, before all the malarkey…BE HERE next week for the FINALE of Beyond Familiar Shores Phase One!

Till next time!