We’re back and jumping right in the deep end!

Hope y’all had a great Holiday Season, but now it’s time to put down the eggnog and dunk your head in a bucket of cold water. It’s the first DDD update of 2015 and already we’re right back in the thick of things in the bowels of the volcano. On top of that, Doc is breaking down the bizarre set of circumstances he finds himself in science-style, with a plethora of multi-syllable words. Time to pull on that thinking cap, Daredevilers. No rest for the wicked!

And before you even ask, YES, Doc’s glasses can indeed do pretty much anything…

Flashlight? Check.

Communicator? Check

Laser? Check.

Now, you can add “Google Glass” heads up display to the list. By the way, many thanks to Fonografiks for the cool graphics in panel 3.

And, never content to let a deus ex machina go to waste, would you believe that we add YET another feature to the glasses NEXT WEEK? Be here for the first half of another SENATIONAL DDD DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD that you have to see to believe. In just 7 days, the $#!% hits the fan!

In other news, here at the ThreeOneFive Ranch we used the Holiday break wisely and got a whole bunch of stuff accomplished. First and foremost, Deep Dive Daredevils No.1 is out to the printer and going to press as I type this! So, it is just a matter of time now before Kickstarter backers get their hands on the book. Also, the Double-Sized PDF of Deep Dive Daredevils No.1 is now available for download to backers. Just go to the Kickstarter Page’s latest update and there is a link where you can download the PDF.

And finally, we just completed the script for the absolutely INSANE follow-up to End(s) of the Earth(s), and Danilo has begun putting pen to paper, bringing it to life. You are going to FREAK OUT when these pages hit the blotter. 2015 is going to be nuts!

Anyways, till next week!