That's Impossible!!

Heh. I think that famous image of Luke Skywalker from the Empire Strikes Back pretty much sums up Doc’s reaction to seeing the skeleton of his alleged deceased future-self. A future-self that – again allegedly – at some point travelled BACK in TIME (hundreds of years before the beginning of EotEs) to sabotage the machine within the volcano, for motives that remain unclear. I think it is also worth noting that Doc believes this to be IMPOSSIBLE because he has attempted time travel and “failed at every attempt.”

If nothing else, this page raises TONS of questions about Doc. Who is he, really? Where does he come from/where is he going? And, what is he really capable of? To quote Marty Mcfly, this situation with Doc is getting “HEAVY.”

Be here NEXT WEEK for the FALLOUT from this week’s page! Will Doc FINALLY heed the call to action? And, even if he does, in his current state of DISARAY will he be worth a damn anyway? Though you may still be stuffed from Turkey Day make sure to be here in just 7 days for another heaping helping of the CRAZIEST Deep Dive Daredevils story yet!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Smilton’s INCREDIBLE page layout. I mean, when you look at panels 2, 3, and 4 together Smilton’s layout creates the illusion that you are looking at one large, continuous shot of the volcano, though each panel features different location on the volcano as the “camera” zooms in. He has also perfectly balanced the page with the close-up shots of Doc in panels 1 and 5. In my estimation, it simply does not get any better than this. Kudos, Smilton, and THANK YOU for taking a good page and making it GREAT.

Welp, that wraps it up for this week. I hope you guys and gals out there are having as much fun reading this story as we’ve had putting it all together…and the BEST is yet to come!

Anyways, till next week!


P.S. Happy (early) Thanksgiving!