DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS – Golden Age Sci-Fi Adventure -- Kicktraq Mini

DDD Kickstarter FINALE!

This is it, just 48 HOURS to go! If you haven’t yet pledged to secure your very own PRINT copy of Secret of the Beaufort Sea, time is running out. For just $15 you’ll get TWO copies of DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS No. 1, a personalized postcard, a double-sized PDF, a FREE Submarine Patch, and if you enter the code, “DDD Dorse”, in the survey you’ll get a FREE 11 X 17 poster of last week’s pin-up, by Vince Dorse!

Whew! That was a mouth-full, and if I say so myself, a pretty dang good VALUE.

And, here’s the FINAL plug: This might be your ONLY chance to get the comic in print! We currently have no plans to sell physical copies in our store or anywhere online for quite some time, if EVER. So, if you want an EMP-proof version of DDD this is the time to BECOME a BACKER. Go to the DDD Kickstarter, and secure YOUR copy NOW!

This week also marks the start of End(s) of the Earth(s) Chapter Two, and those paying attention may have noticed a pretty noticeable UPGRADE in the artwork. When Smilton started working on chapter two he told me that he planned to change his coloring style, and as you can see the results are stunning! This page is just dripping with TEXTURE – you can almost reach out and touch the foliage surrounding Joe and Cup, am I right? And trust me, it just gets better from here. You guys/gals are in for a treat!

Speaking of a treat, be here NEXT WEEK for the BIGGEST twist in Deep Dive Daredevils history! This is not a DRILL! Seriously, make sure you have a fresh pair of pants standing by…you know, just in case.

Anyways, till next week!