DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS – Golden Age Sci-Fi Adventure -- Kicktraq Mini

The Deep Dive Daredevils KICKSTARTER is LIVE!!

…Wait…you’re still here? What are you waiting for?! Go check out the KICKSTARTER NOW!

…OK. OK, I can see that some of you are going to need a little more convincing. Try this one on for size:

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a FREE DDD crew patch, not to mention the AGED print comic DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS No. 1, ORIGINAL ART, TRADING CARDS, and POSTERS we’re offering – GO to the KICKSTARTER NOW!

I can see a few of you are still here. Apparently, you can’t be bribed, but maybe I can TUG at your HEARTSTRINGS…

We’ve been making the Deep Dive Daredevils for over two years now, and it is the definition of a labor of LOVE. We love working with such talented collaborators and we love our dedicated readers, who show up week-in and week-out and interact in the comments. Basically, we just plain love making this comic, and have plans for the Daredevils that stretch out till the end of the DECADE!

However, to make the project viable in the long-term we need to raise the comic’s profile and draw-in new readers who might not be inclined to read comics on the web. That means tabling at cons and getting the Daredevils into comic stores -that means bringing Deep Dive Daredevils to PRINT.

We’re aiming to make a unique, professional quality print comic that showcases Danilo’s art and our story – something SPECIAL you can hold in your hands that will also help take Deep Dive Daredevils to the NEXT LEVEL! That’s where KICKSTARTER and YOU come in…

AND, HERE’S THEN KICKER: If you decide you want to back us, the absolute best way to help us meet our goal is to PLEDGE NOW on the FIRST DAY of the campaign. The faster we get out the gate the more chance we have of attracting attention to the project. However, NO MATTER when you pledge, your credit card will not be charged until the end of the campaign (October 22nd), and you will not be charged AT ALL if we do not meet our funding goal.

So, PLEASE head on over to our KICKSTARTER, SHARE the link on your social media networks, and consider becoming a BACKER. With your HELP, we can make DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS No. 1 a REALITY!

Anyways, till next week!