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Dracula is dead, long live…Docula!

As (arguably) the greatest villain in western literature burns and disintegrates before our eyes, is it possible that something EVEN WORSE could rise from the ashes? It sure seems that way, as Doc goes into full-on villain mode this week and unleashes a malicious monologue that would even make ol’ Drac blush.

I mean, what’s scarier? An undead Romanian Count with an overblown ego and a weak spot for the ladies, or the World’s Greatest Man of Science turned evil and dead set on using his talents to inflict “unprecedented horrors on mankind?” I’ll let you guys make the call on that, but lets just say if this were a movie I would be yelling at the screen, telling Joe to wipe that smug smile off his face…because, yeah, he may have just tricked Doc into helping to kill Dracula, but he also may have made things – for himself, the Daredevils and the world – much, MUCH worse.

Be here NEXT WEEK to witness Docula’s first act as a newly minted ARCH-VILLAIN! Prepare to recoil in TERROR as Joe learns the hard way that actions have unexpected consequences, and one should always be careful what they wish for. In just 7 days, horror…TRUE horror comes to the pages of Deep Dive Daredevils. You have been warned!

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Anyways, till next week!