Parental love…

It’s been at the forefront of my mind for the last week or so. First, my beautiful wife, Amy, gave birth to our second child on Saturday, March 22nd, and the baby that we were told was going to be girl turned out, lo and behold, to be a BOY! That’s right, after two ultrasounds in which we were told that little baby Heistand was definitely female, in the delivery room we were hit with a truly shocking PLOT TWIST – one worthy of even the Deep Dive Daredevils, if I do say so myself. I literally fell out of my chair when the doctor told me, guys.

My oldest is a girl, named Jean, so this was a welcome surprise. Now, we have a complete set, so to speak. The important thing is that mother and baby are happy and healthy. Oh, and for the record, my little Daredevil in training’s name is Nicholas Ray Heistand. BTW, Do they make newborn size eye patches?

So, it was serendipitous that this week’s prose installment is all about the JOY and RESPONSIBILITY of being a parent, sandwiched between the obligatory plot machinations and drama, of course. Despite the rather dire implications of that last Section X memo, I choose to concentrate on Jehan Bumpass’ (whom some of you thought was a dude) beautiful letter to her adopted daughter, Abigail Singer. When this idea of having little miss Holmwood adopted by an agent loyal to Sir Arthur first came together I was relieved that Abigail, who had seen so much horror at such a young age, would have such a happy and loving late childhood and adolescence.

However, could it be that DARKNESS and HEARTACHE are permanent fixtures in the life of our red-haired secret agent? Could we be that CRUEL? Find out NEXT WEEK in the SHOCKING finale to The Secret Origin of Abigail Singer. In just 7 days, you will never be able to look at Abigail the same way again! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow for all the obvious reasons.

Welp, I hear the cries of baby Nicholas over-my-shoulder, so I better wrap this sucker up and get back to being a daddy. If you want more Daredevils goodness to chew on in the meantime, mosey on over to the Sunday Bonus Lunch.

Anyways, till next week!


P.S. A No Prize will be awarded to the first person to figure out the code in the main letter and discover the location of Abigail and Jehan’s secret meeting.