And, PBD Chapter 4 is a wrap!

The GOOD NEWS is McGinty and Vampire Deveraux survived the Custer’s torpedo attack on Dracula’s submarine. Hooray! McGinty’s alive! You just knew it would take more than a little ol’ explosion to snuff that brute of a Scotsman.

But on the other hand…

The BAD NEWS is The Pitch Black Day Rocket survived, as well, and is streaking into the sky just moments away from delivering its sinister payload. The world teeters on the cusp of APOCALYPSE, and all that stands between it and eternal darkness is McGinty, hanging on for dear life.

Yep yep YEP…this is all adding up to a conclusion that simply Can. Not. Be. Missed. The 5th and FINAL Chapter of Pitch Black Day is right around the corner and consists of the most ambitious, action-packed, and emotional pages of the entire run! Everything we’ve been building for nearly a year comes to a head, and mark my words, once all is said and done the Deep Dive Daredevils will NEVER be the same. Trust me, you’ll see soon enough that this is not hyperbole…

But first, be here NEXT WEEK for the kick-off of the penultimate prose interlude, The SECRET ORIGIN of Abigail Singer! This one is for all the folks scratching their heads during Chapter 4, wondering how Abigail Singer could possibly be the granddaughter of Arthur Holmwood? Well, all will be revealed over the next 3 weeks, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow so you can stay in the loop.

Also, even for those who have been paying close attention, I would highly recommend re-reading the second prose interlude, The Section X Secret Files, to refresh your memories before next week.

Welp, that about does ‘er for this week. Best prepare yourself now though because I, your humble narrator and guide, will not be here next week. My second daughter is due to be born on Saturday the 22nd, so Dan, Evin or somebody (please!) will be taking over the blogging duties next week. Please go easy on them.

As always, read the Sunday Bonus Lunch. It’s like reading the thoughts of the weird, cocky, rambling best friend you never wanted. Or, is that just me?

Anyways, till next week!