Holy Water, Batman! *

What would happen if vampires were submerged in Holy Water? Well, this is what Team ThreeOneFive thinks, brought to you in ASTOUNDING fashion by Danilo Guida! This is a moment I’ve been talking about the prospects of for a while, but now – FINALLY – The Daredevils STRIKE BACK! Underestimate the stalwart crew of the mighty Custer only at your own peril…

And with that in mind, take another gander at the look on the faces of the vamps in panel one. Seriously, that is going to be the look on your face when you see the page that just arrived in my inbox from Danilo this very week! Of course, it’ll be a few weeks before it hits the blotter – them’s the breaks – but I will confirm that the vampire BUTT-KICKING most certainly DID NOT peak with this week’s page. Big, fun stuff is coming. It’s a good time to be a Daredeviler.

Though, the Captain seems to think it all might be too little too late…

Be here NEXT WEEK and find out just why the Captain ain’t so optimistic! WHO is liable to screw up the Daredevils’ roll before it’s even started? In just 7 days the FUN continues, so make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow!

I am also happy to report that you guys are continuing to vote like crazy at Top Web Comics! As I type this we are currently at another record setting ranking of #121, just a stone’s throw from the front page. At this point though, it’ll still take a whole lot of clicking for us to make the front page, but if this week’s page proves anything…never count out a miracle!

Oh, and Star Trek: The Next Generation fans (like myself) will find this week’s Sunday Bonus Lunch extra tasty.

Anyways, till next week!


* Full disclosure, I stole this line from commenter, John Waltrip. It was too good to pass up. Thanks!