Oh noes!

Have I started a blog with that line before? I have an itching suspicion that I have, but in all honesty I am just too lazy to go back and look. There’s a No Prize in it for anyone who wants to confirm or deny.

Regardless, I think that “oh noes” pretty aptly sums up this week’s page. For example, Deveraux is a vampire – let that sink in for a second – Deveraux is a freaking VAMPIRE! And, by all indications, he’s done something HORRIBLE to Doc. The first chapter of Pitch Black Day, as a whole, has been pretty intense, but this page really takes it up a notch, am I right? Now there is no doubt, this is the Deep Dive Daredevils’ DARKEST HOUR!

Find out just what happened to Doc at the hands of his former shipmate, Deveraux, NEXT WEEK! Also, set your Internet dials to INTRIGUE because in just 7 days we set the pieces in motion for a coming reveal that will ABSOLUTELY floor you. Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow or risk missing out on the lead-up to the CRAZIEST Deep Dive Daredevils TWISTEROO yet!

So, there are two more pages left in PBD chapter one, and as I’ve alluded above, the last page is literally the biggest thing we’ve done to date. Since that last page is still TOP SECRET I can’t risk telling you much about what comes after chapter one. However, I will drop two tantalizing hints:

1. We will not be going directly into PBD chapter two. What’s next is an interlude of sorts…a look into the past, perhaps?

2. This “interlude” will be like nothing we have attempted to date. What you see on the blotter will be something other than a comic page.

Speculate away, Daredevilers!

Anyhow, did you guys see Doc’s frickin’ GLASSES LASER!? Where does he get those wonderful toys, right? Seriously, all kudos should be forwarded to Danilo, as it was his idea, and man did it turn out great!

Well, make sure to check out this week’s installment of the Sunday Bonus Lunch. It features an exclusive sketch of the enigmatic and beautiful, Abigail Singer!

Anyways, till next week!