OK, Daredevilers, get out your Pitch Black Day Scorecard because you can now officially cross one mystery off the list: “What the heck are those Fish-Men?” However, as is sometimes the case, the resolution of one mystery creates another. Now the question is, “What the heck are Vampires doing at the bottom of the ocean?” All will be revealed in good time, dear reader…all in good time.

Also, this page marks the triumphant return of Abigail Singer, our mysterious female passenger. She makes a pretty spectacular last minute save here, but questions about her still hang in the air. “Is she friend or foe, and what are her true motives behind chartering this perilous voyage?”

Speaking of questions…”What in the BLUE HELL happened to DOC?” If Joe nearly got eaten on the “safe” side of the blast doors, then what unimaginable horrors are befalling Doc on the side of the doors that is chock full of VAMPIRES?!

Find out NEXT WEEK! Set your Internet dials to DEAR GOD NO because the situation Doc finds himself in is as bad as it gets! In just 7 days prepare to be shocked in that indelible Deep Dive Daredevils style when Doc’s awful fate is revealed! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow like Doc’s life depends on it!

Welp, it’s been a ridiculous day here at the Heistand household. Woke up at 5:30am to a screaming toddler covered in vomit, and a couple hours later she decided to spread the love and blew chunks all over yours truly. Oh, and it’s my 7th wedding anniversary…yep, you guessed it, dinner plans got scrapped. Bummer. Love ya, Amy, here’s to better luck next year!

Oh yeah, read the Sunday Bonus Lunch . It’s good for you and tastes good too…

Anyways, till next week!