The PITCH BLACK DAY is here!

This cover image (put together by our very own Evin Dempsey), marks the official beginning of Deep Dive Daredevils Season 2! It feels darn good to finally be here, and we would never have made it without the support of you, our readers. So, pat yourselves on the back, and buckle up because the ride gets bumpy from here…

I don’t want to talk too much about PITCH BLACK DAY just yet, for fear of giving away too many secrets or surprises. However, I will shout from the rooftops the fact that Danilo Guida IS BACK ON ART DUTIES! I couldn’t be happier that he’s back where he belongs, drawing the adventures of the Deep Dive Daredevils! And, I know that all the Daredevilers out there are going to feel the same when they get a load of the fantastic work he is turning out. Trust me you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Be here NEXT WEEK for the first page of the next Deep Dive Daredevils epic, PITCH BLACK DAY! So, set your Internet dials to INTRIGUE, and prepare to meet a brand new addition to the cast in just 7 days. Make sure to RSS, Like or Follow unless you like to miss out on cool stuff.

HOLD THE PHONE! This just in! If you can’t wait 7 days for the start of PITCH BLACK DAY then CLICK HERE to join the Loyal Order of Daredevilers for your chance to see Page One a whole week early! That’s right, take the oath, become a Daredeviler, use the DECODER RING to crack this code…


And, YOU can see Page One RIGHT NOW!!!

Welp, that about wraps ‘er up for this week. Make sure to check out the Sunday Bonus Lunch for Evin’s twisted take on the Daredevils and a whole host of other malarkey. And, thanks again for all the continued support!

Anyways, till next week!