Hello Ladies!

So, the Daredevils have finally made it to 126 CONTI, and it turns out to be a house of ill repute. Hopefully, like Joe, you did not see this turn of events coming. Admittedly, we did muddy the water a bit by throwing in bits of speculation about the letter’s recipient – descriptors like “Gnarly Ol’ Cuss” and “Old-Timey Pirate” don’t generally lead to thoughts of beautiful women in various states of undress. Its called misdirection, folks, and we can be mean like that sometimes. Ha!

In addition to surprise, hopefully you are as intrigued and exited as the full-grown male Daredevils at finding themselves among these ladies of the night. This is the kick-off to the final act of the CAJUN CAPER – only THREE more pages to go, and I guarantee an ending filled with emotion and a mystery/revelation that make you re-evaluate everything you (think you) know about the Deep Dive Daredevils!

NEXT WEEK, the recipient of The Captain’s letter is FINALLY revealed! Who is M. WILLOWS, and what is their connection to Captain Custer? Find out in just 7 days! Also, don’t forget about Wooden-Nickel Sal! He can’t be far behind, right? RIGHT!? No matter how slice it NEXT WEEK’s page is a DOOZY! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow unless you want to risk missing out on this rollercoaster ride to the conclusion of the Cajun Caper!

And, with Cajun Caper’s ending just over the horizon, I can’t help but get exited for the start of PITCH BLACK DAY. Danilo’s artwork is hitting my inbox almost daily, and no guff, he is taking it to the next level, Daredevilers! You guys and gals are in for treat. I can’t wait until Danilo’s pages start hitting the blotter again…

To see sneak peeks at upcoming Pitch Black Day pages and concept art, keep your eyes glued to the Sunday Bonus Lunch. As we get closer to the story’s launch, Evin is going to be previewing stuff exclusively on his blog. Prepare your eyeballs for AWESOMENESS…

Anyways, till next week!