The Gardner returns!

When we last met The Gardner WAY back on page one it was her darkest hour, but NOW she appears again under sunny skies is in all her former glory. Wait, what? Some explanation is in order, you say? Well, fear not steadfast Daredevilers, the answers you seek are only a WEEK away! Oh yes, we’re about to get down to some serious business and deliver a heaping helping of PLOT! Over the last 30-or-so pages you’ve seen the devastating results of the Shaman’s curse on Captain Armstrong, but NEXT WEEK we reveal the root of the conflict and so much more! So, make sure RSS, Like or Follow or risk missing the boat…

RE: this page (speaking of boats) – Danilo Guida: THE MAN CAN DRAW BOATS. ‘Nuff said.

Before I clock out, I’d like to send some love out to all our readers out there! Whether you’ve been reading since the launch or just this minute found your way to Daredevils Central, give yourself one big old pat on the back because you Sir/Madam are AWESOME. I hope you guys enjoy our little adventure yarn as much as the team enjoys putting it together week in and week out. As long as you keep reading we’ll keep writing, drawing, and designing!

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Anyways, till next week!