Welcome to Crazy-town!

This pages kicks-off the run-up to the end of Chapter 3, and if you think Joe and Cup have gone as deep as possible into the rabbit hole, then you’ve got another thing coming. Trust me, folks, the ride is just beginning, so bone up on your Inuit mythology, buckle-up, and hang on.

Be here NEXT WEEK to find out just WHAT the HECK is going on! Is that Armstrong tied to the altar? Is Joe and Cup’s freaky host FRIEND, FOE, or something even STRANGER? All that and more is just a week away, waiting to fill that Daredevil-sized-hole in your heart. So, make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow to avoid the heart-breaking anguish of a week without the Deep Dive Daredevils.

In other news…

A while back I mentioned that Dan and I (2/3 of the ThreeOneFive) met up with Chris Thompson A.K.A The Pop Culture Hound at San Diego Comicon and sat down for a conversation. Well, thanks to Chris’ handy-dandy microphone, you’re invited now, as well. The interview was posted over the weekend at the comics news site Bleeding Cool. Click here to check it out – we discuss, at length, the origins of the Deep Dive Daredevils, The ThreeOneFive’s creative process, and other fun stuff, as well. Let us know what you think!

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And, don’t forget to mosey on over to our blog for the ever-eccentric Sunday Bonus Lunch. Evin will be in Las Vegas this Sunday and has vowed to blog live from The Strip. I, for one, don’t think The Lunch can get any stranger, but if it’s possible than this Sunday is probably the best bet.

Anyways, till next week!