This is the image that launched the Custer!

When we first hooked up with Danilo Guida, Deep Dive Daredevils was developed as a pitch for an iPad comic anthology. Initially, the editor required a detailed series synopsis and character illustrations. The plan was to produce the required material and only move forward with the project if green lit by the publisher. Well, long story short, it was green lit only to be quickly followed by news that the entire anthology project was being scrapped. Bummer.

But, SPOILER, we didn’t stop working on the Daredevils, and I truly believe that the above image is the reason why. The other design illustrations were killer too, but it’s hard to miss the mark when drawing a boy, his dog, and their matching eye patches. Something like that is pretty much destined to be charming and fun.

The Captain, however, could have been a disaster. But instead, Danilo delivered a design that captured our imaginations in a way that is hard to describe. Sure, we’d spent countless hours brainstorming about who the Captain is and how he should look, but when we finally met him face-to-face – that’s when everything solidified and he demanded to be brought to life!

For the process junkies out there here’s the original Captain Custer character design info:

The bridge (which is a combination of the Conning Tower and the Control room) is a medium sized room, with two very different walls opposing each other. On one wall we see the standard gauges, dials, cranks, and wheels of a Gato class submarine. On the other wall there is more futuristic technology, with blinking lights and LED readouts. There are big thick cables coming out of the more futuristic wall, and are coming up out of the floor and are all travelling to the center of the room, nearly up against one of the remaining walls. In this location is the Captain, who has been integrated into the ship. He is sitting in something similar to the Captain’s Chair in ST:TOS, but it can pivot and angle in any direction and has a much larger base. The subs periscope comes down right to the captain’s chair, and the chair can swivel and rotate around the base to give the captain a full view. The big thick cables are running out of the base of the chair to all the ships systems, giving him complete control of the ships. He is a crusty looking old man, wearing the tattered remains of a captain’s uniform. Wires, like IV’s, are going into his arms and legs from the chair. The back half of his head is more technology than it is hair, and has a big cable that leads into the headrest of the chair. His body is thin and atrophied, but he still wears a smile and has the glint of life behind his eyes. Long ago he started to think of the ship as his body, and his actual body was secondary. Due to the Captains integration into the ship intercom speakers are all over the ship and the thick cables from the bridge run along the floors of all the corridors.

Moving on…


We’re initially offering six limited edition, 11×17 prints, including character illustrations of the Captain, Joe and Cup, and Doc. The final three prints are the choicest images from the comic itself: the poster, the Captain splash, and the were-whale reveal.

Each print will be hand number (limited to 25 copies) and printed on high-quality, heavy matte paper. They will be shipped in durable cardboard tubes and protected by plastic sheaths. Satisfaction is GUARANTEED! All for just $10.00 USD per print. Get them while supplies last!


In honor of the store’s Grand Opening, we are giving away FREE STUFF! Below you will find some radical Deep Dive Daredevils wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices. Download them to your heart’s content! Spread them all around the interwebs…go nuts!

640×960 – iPhone

Before I wear out my welcome, I must remind you to be here NEXT WEEK for the sense-shattering kick-off to CHAPTER THREE! We’ve spent the first 18 pages getting the Daredevils into a mess of trouble. Now it’s time to see if they can figure a way out of it. Will the Daredevils STRIKE BACK? Or are they indeed, DOOMED? Also, do you long to learn the secrets of the werewhale? Well, Chapter Three’s got you covered there, as well.

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I would be remiss if I didn’t wish all our American readers a very Happy 4th of July! We’re going to blow stuff up real good tomorrow. How about you?

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