The End is Important in All Things…

Here we are, FINALLY, at the END of “Beyond Familiar Shores 2,” by far the longest DDD story. Sometimes I thought we would never get here, honestly. We set up such a huge undertaking for the Daredevils, facing down 12 interdimensional Hitlers, that the story grew out of our control. As cliche as it sounds, it literally took on a life of its own. All we could do was just hang on, trust our instincts, and hope we all collectively lived long enough to finish it.

And, even though we have made it to the end of this chapter, even now the story is not yet finished. It demands a MONUMENTAL finish…a GRANDE FINALE, if you will, any by God we intend to do just that!

As we speak, Danilo is producing incredible pages…two splash pages back-to-back no less, which begin the LAST Deep Dive Daredevils story, titled “Our Fearful Trip is Done.”

The END commences on January 3rd, 2023 and will run uninterrupted to the terminus. Be there.

Till next time…


P.S Check in from time-to-time, especially around the Holidays, for some bonus features/sneak peeks before we reconvene at the beginning of 2023.