Up…Up and Away!

This week we homage the ULTIMATE Golden-Age Hero…

I have been a Superman fan since before I can remember. At some point, when I was two or three years old, I saw 1978′s Superman: The Movie, and it literally broke my brain. From that day forward I believed that I WAS Superman. I would only wear blue leotards emblazoned with the “S” shield, a cape, and red booties. The only way my poor folks could get me to dress like a normal person was to insist that I needed to assume my secret identity, Clark Kent.

So, now that I have shared that embarrassing tale of my youth, you should be softened up enough to absorb the news that we will be taking a TWO week break to do some schedule maintenance, and to make sure your appetites are good and whet as we move into the MASSIVE finale of this flashback sequence. 

Be here on Tuesday November 2nd when ALL the THREADS CONVERGE!

Till next time…