Here it is, all in one shot, Deep Dive Daredevils: Secret of the Beaufort Sea Chapter 1!

My name’s Matt Heistand, 1/3 of the Voltron-esque writing robot known as the ThreeOneFive, and I literally can’t describe how ecstatic I am now that the Deep Dive Daredevils is a living, breathing webcomic. From the earliest germ of the idea, I knew this was a story I wanted to tell. It’s a love letter to Golden Age comics, adventure serials, and Star Trek. I could go on…

But instead let me make a promise…this is only the way things START! The whole team is in for the long haul, and we’ve got BIG plans for the Daredevils.

Starting on the April 24th 2012, we’ll serialize one page a week on Tuesdays. Make sure to hit up the RSS to be kept in loop. And, for reals, Danilo Guida kicks things up a notch and just kills the art on next page. So, be here next Tuesday!

Oh! And if you hate resting on the Sabbath like I do, stop by the ThreeOneFive blog on Sunday for the first installment of “Sunday Lunch” with Evin Dempsey to experience intriguing behind-the-scenes material.

For the moment though, please indulge me as I say THANKS…

First, I want to thank my family for always supporting me in whatever I’ve chosen to do. Super-extra-special thanks to my wife, Amy. Without your love, support, and patience I would never have been able to make this a reality.

None of this would have been possible without the help and guidance of my good friend, Steven Finch. Everything I know about making comics, you taught me, man.

Of course, I will always be grateful to Danilo Guida for coming on board to bring the Daredevils to life. Joe, Cup, Doc, and the Captain only exist because of your hard work, my friend.

Special Thanks to Vito Delsante for believing in the Daredevils.

And, oh yeah, I better not forget Evin Dempsey and Dan Fifield. Sometimes I want to strangle you both to death, but then I remember that friends like you guys are few and far between, so I’ll hold off. For now.

Anyway, till next week!