I know we just recently passed Father’s Day (where me, my wife, and my young ‘uns did some horseback riding), but this page is all about being a MOM. What Doc’s mom does on this page is the equivalent of that well-worn cliché, you know, when a mother develops the herculean strength to lift a car when her child’s life is in danger. Now, I don’t necessarily believe that a mom can summon super-human strength, but when push come to shove a mama bear (another cliché, yay!) is going to do what it takes to protect her cub.

Well, in this case we have a woman who comes from a planet devoid of violence; we also get the feeling that she is one of the most enlightened people on this particularly enlightened plant. And, despite all of that, she intentionally stages the horrific murder of one dude and then straight up mugs another trained soldier and swipes his his gun.

In the last panel, those tears are surely in some part the product of the total abhorrence she must feel about what she’s had to do to give her son even the slightest hope at a future…

Be here NEXT WEEK to, simply put, see what happens next. The END of this chapter is just pages away, and the build to that CRESCENDO begins in 7 days!

Till next time!