Evin here, filling in for Matt. Matt is out of town or something so
you’re stuck with me. The big news on this page is that we finally
say who that lady is. It’s Doc’s mom, and she’s dishing out some hard
parenting on Gene. You’d better listen to her Doc, Mother knows best!
Also, take a look at all that Eternite! It certainly is a jackpot
for the Reich who went from zero to a whole freakin’ bunch of the
stuff in no time flat. I bet they plan on using it for evil…
As long as we’re taking a look at stuff, Danilo’s art on this page is
great! Angela’s color work really brings the line art to life, those
beams coming off the Eternite give it some needed gravitas. And then
the letters push it up over the top. There’s a LOT of Giga-German
bibble babble, but Ben found a way to snuggle it into the page without
detracting from the art one bit. A tip of the hat to the art team!

Next Week: Let’s see what using a jumpcase in here w-