Finally Come For The Other Half’a Me, Have You?

Dan would kill me if I didn’t point out this reference on a page that warrants it (and I don’t want to die)…“A communications disruption can only mean one thing – invasion.” If anyone can come up with that reference…well, you know you’ll get a NO PRIZE. At this point though the source of that quote is getting pretty old, which makes me feel even older. And, did I mention that those darn kids need to get the HELL off my lawn!

Oh, I did? Anyway…

Speaking of time, with this page another calendar year of Deep Dive Daredevils pages are in the books. NEXT WEEK we’ll be unveiling a Christmas Pin-up that I KNOW you guys and gals (but especially the guys) are going to love. The hype is real.

After that we’ll be taking our customary Holiday break and be back to posting on Tuesday, January 10th. So, set your calendars accordingly.

Till next time!