Matt is away on important business for SISX (or something, I don’t know), so I, Evin Dempsey, writer extraordinaire am filling in for him this week. Now feast your eyes on this sweet illustration by incredible artist Jordan Butler! Jordan is a great friend of mine and the DAREDEVILS, and it shows by his cool interpretation of our STALWART CREW OF HEROES. Keep an eye out for his work at your local comic book store very soon, because Jordan penciled the B&W variant cover of SPAWN #267! Also, give him a follow at @jordanbutler3d for more of his illustrations, you won’t be sorry.

NEXT WEEK we return to where we left off at the conclusion of End(s)of the Earth(s)! That’s right, you’ll get a heaping helping of brave submariners, the evil GigaReich, and other stuff you can’t get anywhere else but DEEPDIVEDAREDEVILS.COM! The DAREDEVILS are in a king-sized pickle, and they need a king-sized solution. Phase 1 part 3 begins in a MERE 7 days, BE HERE!

Now THAT’S how you write a page burb.

To the Future,