As Kurt Cobain once sang: just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you.

Hmmmm…THEY. Such a simple, harmless word, and yet if used in the right context, somehow also so threatening. Who or what are the Daredevils hiding from, and what’s the deal with the mysterious room featured in panel three? The answers to those questions are the basis of a HUGE over-arching Deep Dive Daredevils story that will — and, I’ve probably already said too much. Good things come to those who wait, Daredevilers. All will be revealed eventually…

NEXT WEEK is the GRAND FINALE! The END is NIGH! After all that he has seen – a man change into a whale, the insides of the whale, and a mystical journey to the past – what sight could possibly leave Joe speechless? Find out NEXT WEEK, and don’t be surprised if you CHEER, involuntarily, upon viewing the page…don’t be surprised at all. Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow, well, because you don’t want to, like, miss the ending, dude!

Not much left to say this week, other than, boy, am I excited to be here, so close to the end of Secret of the Beaufort Sea. Not to mention, just how excited I am for the future of Deep Dive Daredevils. We’re like a runaway train! There’s no stopping us now!

And, again, many thanks to all our dedicated readers! Some of you have been with us since the launch and others probably just stumbled in right this minute. Thank you all!

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Anyways, till next week!