Hi Daredevils!

Matt asked me to write some words about this page, and it seemed a good idea at first…but now I have the white page vertigo, so let´s see how it works out…

First of all, it´s a good chance to thank all the readers for following us so patiently. I´m very glad that you enjoy our comic, really.

This being the first time that I talk with you, I would like to say a few words about the DDD in general. To be honest, when Matt told me about the project I felt it wasn´t really for my style… adventures of a boy and his dog, with a scientist straight out of Star Trek… (Yes, I did it for the money anyway!).

But it happened that when I started to read the script, it was very well written indeed…first of all, the storytelling was so natural (you don´t find this all the time, believe me), and then the way they managed to make me get into the story as a reader made me believe more and more in the project. The ideas that these three crazy writers had, combined very good with the stuff I always wanted to draw: suspense, drama, action, MONSTERS!, and gave me the chance to put dramatic shadows, experiment with different styles, create amazing characters… All in all, it turned to be a great comic to do!

Now, talking about this page…When Matt described Sedna he showed me a representation of this goddess with long hair and long fingers. I liked the idea of the hair being part of the ocean, not easy to tell when the ocean finishes and the hair starts…
I worked many years doing Pin Ups for SQPInc., so I had a lot of experience drawing sexy women. The challenge this time was to show that majesty of a goddess, to show sensuality (for all ages), and to give her features of an Inuit woman.

I feel these three issues were solved, do you?