One final act of courage…and faith!

Welp, the Daredevils have made their play to defeat the werewhale and end the age-old grudge that’s been churning the once peaceful waters of the Beaufort Sea. All the cards are on the table. This is it. Win or lose? Live or die? It all comes down to this…

Can I just say, I am so freaking excited to finally be here – at this point in the story – and, not to mention, pretty dang proud too. We launched Deep Dive Daredevils 30-some-odd weeks ago, and now here we are, within spitting distance of the conclusion of the first story. When we started we were pretty sure we had a cool story, and we were darn sure that we had great collaborators. But, had no clue how to create and manage a weekly webcomic. All in all, I am happy with the ways things have turned out, so far, and that’s a fantastic feeling.

With that said, FORGET everything that has come before because NEXT WEEK’S page is the BIGGEST, most BEAUTIFUL, and AWE-INSPIRING page yet! No hyperbole here, Daredevilers, NEXT WEEK you will jump out your seat and CHEER! Make sure to RSS, Like, or Follow unless you love missing the best parts of stuff, and who does?

In addition to feasting your eyes on a fantastic page next week, you’ll also get a much welcome break from my weekly, tiresome blathering. Another reason to cheer! In my place you will get to hear from the man who’s spectacular art keeps you coming back week-after-week. That’s right, Danilo Guida stops by next week and takes over the blog! Should be fun…

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Thanks again for reading, guys!

Anyways, till next week!