Ahoy Daredevilers!

Evin here, taking over for Matt this week on the blog. I know we
write a weird comic, but keep your hands, feet, arms and legs inside
the ride because we’re about to get WEIRD. Weird in a fun way, I
hope. So… Abby has slain her rogues gallery with little
inconvenience, and now it looks like Docula wants a piece. Place your
bets now, faithful readers! Does Abby have enough in the tank for one
more villain? Or will Docula claim another victim in this ethereal

Pulling back the curtain on the comic itself – These pages are a
departure from our standard formula. Normally Matt is responsible for
the scripting of the pages, but now it’s my turn! Of course, Danilo
is still in charge of making what we write make sense on the page, so
his contribution can never be downplayed. Scripting out each panel
was a blast, and I’d love to get a few more sections under my belt
before we drop the curtain on our stalwart crew. So, let me know if
I’m terrible. I’ll just blame it on Matt anyway.

Some other great news! We finished updating the Archive page, so now
you can navigate the comic much more easily. This should making
jumping around and refreshing your memory a much more enjoyable
experience. We thought it would really come in handy because A LOT of
chickens are about to come back to roost. There was also a weird
glitch on the backend of the page that wouldn’t allow the comic to be
reached via Google. Matt fixed that one last week using the time
honored method of dumb luck.

We vanquished our demons, can Abby do the same? Find out NEXT WEEK on

Welcome Aboard Adventure