Out of the blue, here’s something I’ve neglected to mention…if you are enjoying these Deveraux and McGinty “origin” pages then you should be thanking Mr. Danilo Guida even more than usual. Why? I’m glad you asked…

It turns out we tried a little experiment with this section of the story;namely we utilized the old-school “Marvel” plotting style. I.E. rather than providing Danilo with a fully-realized script, chock-full of detailed panels descriptions and dialogue, we merely outlined the required beats for each page and let Danilo fill-in all the blanks. Then, when the final pages were delivered, just like Stan Lee back in the day, all we had to do was script in the dialogue over Danilo’s blocking of the scenes.

I think it turned out pretty darn good, don’t you?

Be here NEXT WEEK for the PENULTIMATE page of our latest CAJUN epic!

Till next time!