A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee!

We finally did it. We FINALLY found a way to sneak in a Twin Peaks reference. The fact that it also involves the world’s greatest beverage is just icing on the cake.

(But, I gotta stop myself from going on a tangent…Mr. Evin Dempsey was very concerned about my “reverse psychology” blog, as he called it, from last week. Gotta keep on the straight and narrow.)

How about those SFX in the last three panels? Ben really outdid himself this week. That last panel was cool before he got a hold of it, but his work really adds to the storytelling. Much obliged, partner.

Be here NEXT WEEK to witness a RECKONING. What is Doc’s roll in all this, and will his “pissing match” with the Admiral BOLLOCKS up the whole operation? Find out in 7!

Till next time!