“It falls on you to make this right.”

So, here it is the end of the prologue to Beyond Familiar Shores 2. The prologue to Beyond Familiar Shores Phase 1 gave us the back story for The Captain, and now we’ve experienced the back story of Doc McCarver.

Those of you that have been reading since the beginning – since Secret of the Beaufort Sea – did you ever imagine that THIS is where our heroes came from? One a Confederate Navy commander, the sole survivor of the first submarine combat mission, and the other, a refugee from a Utopian alternate earth and a principal figure in the fight to resist inter-dimensional fascism. Hopefully, these origin stories have been equal parts surprising and satisfying.

Be here in TWO WEEKS for the beginning of the story proper with the debut of Beyond Familiar Shores 2, Part ONE! That’s right we are going to take one week off to build ANTICIPATION and WHET the APPETITE for the feast to come. Mark your calendar – DO NOT MISS the latest and greatest chapter in the Deep Dive Daredevils Saga, coming to a computer screen near you on June, 24th 2018!

Till next time!