An URGENT U.F.A. Bulletin!

You had to know that a Golden-Age pastiche like the Deep Dive Daredevils was going to get around to referencing those old serial newsreels at some point – welp, we’ve finally gone and done it. You’re welcome.

In other news, I am sure this page will give all you Daredevilers quite a bit to chew on until our next installment. What is The United Freedom Alliance? When is this taking place in the (certainly not convoluted) timeline? Is that Custer piloting a PT-109 (yes, yes it is)? What in the holy hell is a “loop?”

Gosh, we are just full of surprises.

Be here NEXT WEEK! Why? Well, because it will be awesome, and I intend to back that up with a 100% money back guarantee (and since it’s free neither of us have anything to lose)!

Till next time!