Welcome back, Daredevilers, it’s great to “see” you all again. On behalf of the entire DDD team, I’d like to THANK y’all for hanging in there with us during the hiatus and joining us for the dawning of the Second Age of the Deep Dive Daredevils…

This week we’ve dropped the COVER to BEYOND FAMILIAR SHORES (to be more precise it’s the cover to the Prologue of BFS, but why split hairs). BFS is, without a doubt, going to be the BIGGEST DDD story to date, and it all starts right here!

I don’t want to say too much about the direction of BFS yet for fear of spoiling some really cool surprises, and besides, I think that this week’s update has more than enough raw meat to chew on as you wait for NEXT WEEK and the debut of Page One of the Prologue. Do not miss it!

A couple announcements really quick:

1. While it should be obvious to all the seasoned Daredevilers out there that Danilo Guida is still behind the tiller, handling the art chores, what might not be so obvious is that Danilo is only providing the Pencils and Inks. That’s right; it is my pleasure to introduce DDD’s brand-new Colorist, Angela Consol! She’s a stellar new member of the crew, and I can’t wait for you guys and gals to see the POP she brings to the pages.

2. We’ve also got another new crewman (though you won’t see his work until Page One hits next week) who’s enlisted to serve on the Custer. Ben Timmreck – the Art Director on SPAWN and all of Todd McFarlane’s Image titles – will be replacing Steven Finch (A.K.A Fonografiks) as DDD’s Letterer. While we bid a fond farewell to Steven – his work defined the visual language of DDD and for that we are forever grateful – we are also super-stoked to have Ben coming on board to make his own mark on the Daredevils!

Welp, it’s great to be back…that is for DAMN sure. I can’t wait for y’all to see what we have in store…

Anyways, till next week!