So, the cat’s out of the bag, and I know that, for one, T. Gatto will be quite pleased with this turn of events. After all, last week he called the fact that the Confederate Soldiers were actually holograms projected by drones flying overhead. Well done, sir! It’s either a case of “great minds think alike,” or we need to get a lot more tricky in the future if we want to keep the aforementioned cat in that proverbial bag until the official reveal arrives.

And, for those of you who thought Doc might be a tad bit hypocritical – espousing pacifism and then unleashing two armies on one another – well, what now? Heh.

Be here NEXT WEEK to see what Doc’s smiling about! All signs point to PERIL, with a failed distraction and a laser gun pointed at his head. So, what does Doc know that we don’t? Find out in just 7 planetary rotations!

Till next time!