But I digress…

Well, it’s another DDD update, and another week of teasing teases. In case you missed one of the loops in the veritable Gordian Knot of questions hanging over the story I’ll be more than happy to lay them all out for you, oh loyal reader!

1. Welp, we didn’t answer the big question from last week. Namely, what the heck was that Giga-Reich Trooper pointing at up in the sky, and what does it all mean?

2. It looks like we’ve continued to successfully evade the question of what exactly the blue, glowing rock is. However, we do now know that it is 99.8% percent pure. Pure what though, that is the question?

3. And, the most pressing and newest questions is…did Doc just get himself shot!?

Be here NEXT WEEK where I PROMISE, not ONE, but TWO of those questions will be answered. You can take that to the bank.

Till next time!